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Rondonia state is located in the north-western part of Brazil, being borderfed to the west by Acre state, to the north Amazonas state, to the east Mato Grosso state, and to the south is the country of Bolivia.

The capital city of Rondonia is Porto Velho.

Rondonia was named after Candido Rondon.

One of the best attractions in Brazil, is a boat ride down the 'Rio Madeira' in Rondonia where you can appreciate nature at it's best with centennial trees commanding the landscape and the fauna of exotic birds is a sight to behold.

Two thirds of Rondonia state is covered by the Amazon Rainforest. Other state attractions worthy of note are the 'Chapada dos Parecis' and the 'Serra do Pacaás', which is a national park, and in addition, the state capital of Porto Velho.

Rondonia is a main exporter of wood in Brazil, as well as a significant producer of both coffee and cocoa. It is also an important cattle breeding region within the country.

The state's climate is considered 'equatorial' which is a type of tropical climate with no dry season – every month has a mean precipitation of at least 60mm.

'Porto Velho/Governador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira' International Airport is located just 7 kilometres from the capital city.

Porto Velho

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