Spotlight on Cabo Branco

Cabo Branco in Joao Pessoa is seen by most Brazilians as being the area to be in the city and is the dream for most locals to own property in this district - foreign visitors to Joao Pessoa on the whole, also tend to agree that Cabo Branco has everything that a person could want and therefore see the district as being a prime property investment location.

There is high demand for property purchase and rental in Cabo Branco and it has to be said that there is short supply of real estate within this district.

Cabo Branco is situated on the south side of the city beach districts with Tambau neighbouring to the north and Seixas to the south. The Cabo Branco 'strip' for the main is a thin piece of land running from Avenida Epitacio Pessoa up to the easterly point of the Americas and is fronted by the Atlantic Ocean with the preserved Atlantic Forest running along the rear limits of this district.

Being one of the smaller beach districts of Joao Pessoa, Cabo Branco land, houses, and apartments on the beach strip are certainly at a premium and demand from property buyers and renters alike is high, whether visitors are from overseas destinations, locals to Joao Pessoa, or other states throughout Brazil, all want to be seen in this exclusive district.

For the investor - high rental yields can be easily achieved once you have invested in Cabo Branco real estate, and the capital gain year on year is very mind satisfying indeed!

The infrastructure and facilities within this district are second to none offering a great location for living, retirement, or holidays. Superb restaurants, schools, bike hire, wi-fi internet zones, night lighting along the whole beachfront, gyms, bakeries, mini-markets, and a very calm safe environment are all on offer here within a capital city of Brazil's Northeast.

The development of Joao Pessoa has been well thought out by the City Council departments over a long period of time as they restrict building heights to low levels on the beachfront, which is quite unusual when comparing to other Brazilian capital cities along the Northeast coast, as cities such as Fortaleza, Recife, and Salvador, have 1960's skyscrapers in adundance along the majority of the beachfront, meaning that beach lovers will be in the shade around 14.00hrs each day in some of these cities mentioned.

As is well documented and known by locals, Cabo Branco beach avenue is closed off to passing traffic between the hours of 05.00hrs and 08.00hrs daily in order to make way for the hundreds of people that like to exercise each day along the beachfront; power walking, biking, circuit training, roller booting and running - you'll find all activities on view every day - healthy breakfasts, medics to take your blood pressure, and a beautiful location complete the scene!

When dusk hits the city here, as well as the beachfront lighting up, so do the faces of the people who hit their favourite spots along the beach avenue taking in the cooling temperatures and the light sea breezes on offer each and every day throughout the year. Children playing in the sand with their friends, families playing beach volley or football, teenagers roller booting along the boardwalk, people cycling along the allocated bike lanes, couples dining out for the evening and taking in the full moon that lights up the beachfront, or the locals just sitting and watching the world move by are some of the activities to be seen here every night of the week.

If you are thinking of visiting Joao Pessoa then why not contact Brazil Overseas Property Negócios Imobiliários Ltda in Cabo Branco to find your perfect holiday rental, and we are sure that you will not only enjoy your vacation here, but will want to buy property in Cabo Branco by the time you leave this city!

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