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Maceió is situated on the coastline and has astounding beauty in the form of coconut lined beaches, mangroves and rich varied ocean colours.

You can walk safely and calmly along the city beaches and really enjoy some of the magnificent urban beaches on offer here.

Maceió is the capital of Alagoas, and owes its name to the Tupi Indians. Impressed by the natural phenomena they saw, they started calling it “MAÇAYO” or “MAÇAI-O-K” which means “that which covers the marsh”.

The city began in an old sugar mill and plantation complex around the 19th century and its development started with the arrival of ships taking wood from Jaraguá bay. With the installation of the sugar mills, Maceió started to export sugar, then tobacco, coconut, leather and some spices. Prosperity transformed Maceió into a village on December 5, 1815, and thanks to the continual growth, Maceió became the capital of the Alagoas Province on December 9, 1839.

The city has excellent tourism infrastructure with very good hotels, and a diversified culture reflected in its arts and crafts, cuisine and customs.  


Maceió has a tropical climate. The hottest months of the year are December and January, when temperatures reach 36ºC in the shade. The lowest temperatures, with lows around 21ºC, are usually in July and August each year.

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