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The State of Alagoas offers great contrasts: traditional roots and modern lifestyle go hand in hand here. In the last few decades, the state of Alagoas has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country due to the beautiful beaches on offer.

Alagoas State was a region where Virgolino Ferreira da Silva (Lampião), the famous highwayman could be found, spreading terror throughout the whole Northeastern region of Brazil along with his wife, Maria Bonita, and another nine members of his gang. The Northeast was a much quiter place following his death in 1938, although the legend still lives on!

The State's capital, Maceió, is widely known for its beautiful beaches. Along the state’s coastline the ocean delivers tones of vivid greens and blues, welcoming shadows of coconut palms and stunning views. It's history spans nearly five centuries and offers many historical and cultural trips for the visiting tourist.

The State of Alagoas is also the birthplace of Graciliano Ramos, the writer who best described the drought cyclical phenomenon in the Northeast region of Brazil. Among his several masterpieces, Vidas Secas (Dry Lives) is one of his books that best reflects his style.

Economically speaking, Alagoas State still has high potential in sugar and alcohol production, although emphasis nowadays mainly relies upon small businesses in the sectors of oil extraction, cattle raising and agriculture, with products such as pineapple, coconut, beans, tobacco, cassava, rice and corn widely produced.

The state also has vast mineral reserves of rock salt and natural gas.


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